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A pearl of the natural heritage, a beauty, a gem and many other names are used by manytrying to describe its unique beauty. Its source is near the town of Slunj, and it flows into the River Korana near Karlovac, but it is best known as the river of Duga Resa, for its main section adorns this pittoresque little town. Starting from its upper course, Mrežnica creates a delightful melody, tailored by its numerous waterfalls and travertine underwater barriers, as if challenging every river adventure lover to a duel. For the quieter types, who prefer the more leisurely pace, Mrežnica is ideal for a relaxing boat ride or for a simple enjoyment in swimming activities.

Below its magnificent cascades and underneath the green surface, woven by nenuphars, this emerald green river hides the secrets of the bygone times, but also the secrets of the incredible, still intact and preserved nature. As you get closer, you may get blown away by the scenes before you – the mighty river wave forcefully hitting the rocks, creating the foam that never goes down – the fading foamy water pearls instantly being replaced by the new, more dazzling and more powerful waves.

Geographers call it the “pearl of natural karst” and many classify it as one of the most beautiful European karst rivers. It abounds in travertine barriers, which often make it look like a string of oblong lakes, threaded like beads in a pearl necklace. Passing through such pure limestone rocks, makes the water the most clear you can possibly imagine.From its source, the banks are a true treasury of the rich architectural heritage from the past times. This refers primarily to the mills, but also the large stone edifices, which had an important defence role in the past.

At several points alongside the river, magical caves were erected. They served as barriers against the enemies and provided shelter and refuge to the locals. Together with several ruins of the old towns (towers, forts) they are a witness of the everlasting struggle for survival and of the long gone civilisations that found their harbour on the banks of the River Mrežnica.

Mrežnica has always been, and remains with each drop, a beauty living on the border of wilderness and civilisation. Always so beautiful, young and fresh, but also the clearest river you have ever seen.

A priceless nature’s gift to man!