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Situated in the heart of Croatia, at the intersection of roads leading to the Adriatic Sea, Duga Resa has been exposed to overlapping of cultures for centuries, leaving a heritage for the new generations. This heritage includes a considerable number of recipes that were carefully followed to prepare various local specialities since long ago up until not so long ago.

The gifts of nature enriched the local dishes with many combinations of fresh ingredients and created the distinguished local cuisine. Many visitors and inhabitants coming from various parts of Croatia and the World, various cultures and civilisations, have passed through, stayed for a while or stayed on in Duga Resa – each giving a little something to the local cuisine, which became unique in its variety. If we had to define it, it would have to be the original fusion of various specific influences, a fantastic blend of the continental and the seaside, the combination of only the very best of everything, the unique gourmand brand.

From the freshwater fish from own ponds (trout, carp, catfish) to the seafood specialities. From the local meat dishes and meat products (ham, sausages, bacon) to the recognisable local specialties made from milk (fresh cheese made from cow’s milk, various smoked hard cheeses, homemade sour cream). The nearby hunting grounds offer the prized ingredients for preparing the game dishes.
Fruit and vegetables from the gardens in the valley of the river Mrežnica and forest produce (mushrooms, berries)…
We must not forget the homemade wine and rakija made from plums and pears.
All the natural wealth and tradition preserved from the past is an excellent precondition for experimenting with ingredients and creating the modern-traditional specialities. Duga Resa is also special for its restaurants, located in the magical atmosphere of the splendid nature – on the hills amidst the forest or by the waterfalls of Mrežnica. These attractive locations, together with the exceptionally rich local cuisine are a winning combination for the maximum enjoyment.