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A town for an active holiday   arrow

”Boredom” is a non-existent word in the vocabulary of people of Duga Resa. The rushing rapids of the river Mrežnica are daring you to try a challenging, adrenaline packed adventure called rafting, or kayaking, which is just as dynamic.

For the quieter types, who prefer the more leisurely pace, Mrežnica is ideal for a relaxing boat ride.

Do we even need to mention swimming in the emerald green river that hides, below its magnificent cascades and underneath the green surface woven by nenuphars, a natural swimming pool created for enjoyment?

For those who may feel a bit like a “fish out of water” in the water, and prefer to stay on solid ground, but still don’t want to miss all the fun, the surroundings of Duga Resa is a real fishnet of excellent cycling routes.

Just like cycling, hiking also makes for a perfect adventure on solid ground, and these parts belong to the hiking beltway called (surprise!) “4 rivers”, which is more than good enough reason for packing your backpacks and heading off to the peaks of Vinica, the mountain beauty raising above Duga Resa.

Are you thinking this may not quite satisfy your appetite for sporting activities? For all those devotees of the white sport, Duga Resa lays down its attractive tennis courts. Imagine yourself playing in the Wimbledon Final match and set yourself for a game of tennis!