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Bike riding is surely one of the best ways to discover and enjoy nature. Maneuvering on two wheels gets you connected and merged with the nature – this activity is therapeutic for the soul and the body.
No other activity offers as many options and challenges as cycling. The valley of the river Mrežnica, and also the trails of the Vinica hill just above Duga Resa, make for a perfect cycling ground to satisfy the criteria of event he most demanding cyclists. Do not be surprised if you run into one or two of the brave inhabitants of the forest or meadow – along with the abundant plant life, Duga Resa surroundings also hide a fascinating animal life.

If you seek refreshment after a hot summer’s day during your cycling adventure, it can be found in the greenest river in the world. Mrežnica – this natural oasis of relaxation is the ideal retreat to escape from your everyday problems. Its clear water and the unforgettable falls cannot be matched by any wellness centre.
Almost anybody can enjoy cycling. So, if you want to escape from your stress filled everyday life and ”recharge your batteries“, return to the real, unspoiled nature – get your gear and hit the cycling trails of the Duga Resa region. You are in for an unforgettable experience, filled with natural freshness and action.