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Rising just above Duga Resa is another natural advantage, one of many that are evidently existing in this region. It’s the hill Vinica (321 m). A favourite destination of the hikers and nature lovers, who take great enjoyment from visiting its slopes. On its trails, one can regularly meet hikers from the local hiking societies, but also from other parts of Croatia and Europe. The hill is a great viewpoint and on a clear day the views stretch to Petrova Gora, Martinščak and Klek.

Vinica dominates the whole region around Duga Resa – this little mountain is a fantastic location for escaping from everyday worries and a busy life during the week. After the not-sotiring climb, relaxation and refreshments await in the hiking lodge, and this whole feat surely is the best option for spending a weekend. For all those who decide to conquer Vinica, it will be an excursion to remember. This mountain had an important defence role during the Homeland War from 1991 to 1995. Its slopes were the battlefield to prevent the enemy tanks from penetrating further into Duga Resa and Slovenia.The emerald green River Mrežnica, a symbol of Duga Resa runs at the foot of the hill.

The slopes of Vinica are decorated with vineyards. Wine has been a symbol of joie de vivre from the ancient times, and this is inscribed in the character of the local people. The mentality and atmosphere radiate optimism and positive energy, and the wine and vineyards of the slopes of Vinica emphasise the Dionysian element and celebrate life and nature, and all its wonders.

Walkway Tušmer


At the foot of Vinica, stretching from the Special Hospital for prolonged treatment to the bridge on the River Mrežnica by the Upper Mill, is Tušmer, a 1060 m long walkway – ideal for pleasant walking or cycling alongside the River Mrežnica. An ordinary walk has always been and remains the best form of physical activity. In the fairyland surroundings of the mysterious mountain and the magnificent blue-green river, the experience is far more intense and the walk becomes a wonderful experience – perfect for meditation and getting lost in your own thoughts, beyond reality, just following your foot pace. As it happens, the nature in this region is rather fickle – wild and tame, calm and restless, all at the same time. The walkway may seem inviting for a leisurely ramble, but the adventure seekers love it too, especially those whose favourite past time is spent on their bikes. Ramblers and bikers both share the same love of nature, which makes them more alike than it would seem at first sight. In the last year, the walkway Tušmer has slowly been getting a brand new attire – the initiatives for its landscaping have been embraced. Thanks to the creative ideas and smartdecisions, the walkway Tušmer is surely getting closer to the set goal – the plan to turn Tušmer into one of the most attractive parts of Duga Resa.