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The forests of the Duga Resa region are not short of hunting tales. At the start of the hunting season, the hunters start conquering the forest territory and its inhabitants. Many species of animals hide in the shadows of secular trees, in particular the large game. The forests and hunting grounds in the Karlovac County are managed by the Croatian Forests and the local hunting societies, which are mostly named after the animals whose natural habitat is in this region. These organisations take special care of the endangered animals and this ecological approach is praise worthy. Thanks to this approach many rear species, such as wolf, lynx and bear have been preserved and protected.

The forests around Duga Resa are best known as hunting grounds for pheasant and fox hunting, and every year the hunting of those animals is traditionally organised.



With plentiful waters, Karlovac County is among the most attractive destinations for fishing tourism in Croatia. Duga Resa is a part of this fishing offer.
There is a wealth of freshwater fish to be found in the beautiful and crystal clear water of the river Mrežnica, including pike, trout, carp and catfish – synonyms of freshwater fishing
in general. Sportfishing societies in this region are among the oldest in Croatia – the Sport Fishermen Club “Mrežnica” from Duga Resa was founded in 1934.

We cannot be quite sure whether the fishing stories are more interesting than the hunting stories, but one thing is certain – any passionate fisherman regards the ambience, the atmosphere and the surroundings very important when choosing the place to indulge in their fishing ventures, trying to catch that prize winning specimen of the prized freshwater species of fish.

Peace and harmony that comes from fully merging with nature and focusing on the fishingexperience is one of the reasons why the fishermen, regardless of their previous success or
failures, are persistent in pursuing this interesting activity.

Fishing in the river Mrežnica is not only a calming and relaxing pleasure, but also anunforgettable adventure amidst the countless waterfalls, rapids and aits, where a boat sometimes needs to be pulled, or even pushed in the emerald water. Around the whole county, including Duga Resa, there are many places to get a fishing licence and fishing equipment, and alongside the rivers there is no shortage of restaurants, offering fish on the menu.

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